"Please open a restaurant! We want to eat your food every day!!" Is a common request by locals who have attended a wedding we have catered. With our region's magnificent groves, beaches, and venues, we aren't too keen on being tied to a building day in and day out. Our solution? Small batch, old world smoked meats, poultry, cheese, salt, and seafood available in local markets and fruit stands, shown here.

All of our offerings are smoked in small batches, by hand, with absolutely no nitrates, nitrites, or other harmful additives. We use real smoke from cherry, apple, mesquite, and hickory wood, and a complimentary organic seasoning blend.

Smoke House offerings are seasonal, and include:  bacon, cheese, brisket, poultry, seafood, spices, salt, and butter. We offer 1# retail packages and bulk slabs for restaurants.

Where to find it:

Kneeland Glen, Old Arcata Rd near Freshwater

Red Front Store, Shaw and Main St, Ferndale

More shops will be added as we are able to keep up with local demand.